Moonwarriors Novel Series


ISBN - 1-4137-2659-3

Set in the 8th century in Romania when it was still known as Dacia, Moonwarriors tells the tale of a werewolf warrior named Walter Volknor. Once an innocent farm boy, he is out for revenge against Avatar, a master vampire that has slaughtered his family. The werewolf begins a crusade to destroy the evil vampire race. Other compassionate wolves join him in his obsession. Four wolves in particular, Golarin, Bordak, Mary, and Stytentos, aid Walter in his many adventures and become his best friends.


Throughout Dacia, fear and honor are heaped upon his name and in due time, he is a beloved champion for werewolves and humans alike. However, just as his dreams of living a vampire-free existence are coming to fruition, a chain of tragic and horrific events unfold, leaving the land of Dacia in shock. This is the first tale in the Moonwarriors saga.

Moonwarriors: In A Blackened Dawn


I am working hard on this book right now. I can't wait until it's finished. I believe it's my best work yet. :)